Digital Retinal Photography


For many years we have been taking photos of the retina, the nerve tissue of the eye that produces vision, in order to detect retinal disease as early as possible. Digital photos have amazing quality and the detail that can be computer stored and viewed at any time. Due to this technology, we are now able to examine the retina and detect disease even earlier than before.


Glaucoma is a blinding disease of the eye. Things we look at to detect glaucoma are eye pressure, the optic nerve, and peripheral vision. Peripheral vision loss is the end result of glaucoma and is preceded by a thinning of the nerve fiber layer. Nerve fiber layer (NFL) thickness is measured with a scanning laser called a GDX. We are now measuring nerve fiber layer thickness with a GDX to detect glaucoma earlier than ever before.

Auto Refractor

Our newest automated instrument gives a computerized eye glass prescription to reduce the amount of patient decision making required during the doctors examination.